About Me


Motivated web developer & graphic designer with open interests in other artistic areas such as music composing, audio and video production, literature, rol playing and board games...

Well, besides this sentence is absolutely true and describes me very well, this is a very short description of me which I use in a politely way to describe myself.

My experience on digital arts begins about 18 years ago and I am still here, always worried for the state of the art not only about technologies but about trending styles, composotions...

As a child, I discovered a truly hobby that not all the childrens possesed, to draw. Learn how to draw made me also learn how to handle geometry, perspective, shadow and light, composition, etc. This flirting with the graphic arts made me get in touch with the concept of visual arts in other media such as film world in all its variations (traditional or animation).

With the pass of time I realize that my artistic curiosity leads me from one artistic hobby to another, starting with horror literature, fantasy or sci-fi and ending with traditional RPG, video games, etc.

Besides all those hobbies I have two more hobbies which I enjoy the most, sharing my life with my cat and my partner and travelling (especially with this last one!), I love to shot photos as a beautiful feature of those moments. They complement and enrich my live most than anything.

If you want to know my profile in a more complete way, please, press this link: My Personal CV

Client testimonials

What they say

  • Web Development

    I make these trips happen thanks to a good chassis built with a base of html / css / js and a litle help of some technological innovations such as bootstrap, wordpress...

  • Graphic Design

    Everybody knows that if we add elegant, striking and impressive finishes to a good chassis, we will achieve an enviable and attractive transport.

  • UX/UI

    Although if we do not know what this button does, or do not understand the user's manual, we will have to call a specialist to explain it to us. That does not happen in Pasajero Gráfico

  • Branding

    Once the transport has been developed and manufactured, and just before you can begin to enjoy it, it is time to break a bottle of champagne on its fuselage to baptize.

  • Print Design

    There are several ways to react your destiny, printing is an old fashioned method which is still in use and we can deliver ir for you

  • Social Media

    But after all this hard work, it would be a waste of time not to present our new work in society and make it reach every corner of the known world.