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UXUI Workflow. Research SWOT

Through these articles, I intend to show the complete work flow that requires the development of a web project. Starting with Ux Research phase which allow us to understand the purpose of the project, the requirements to implement it and the objectives to be achieved. Continuing with UI Phase where the appearance and interaction of the site is defined and analyzed. And ending with the Web Development Phase of the project.

Musselman is a local emerging music band from Alcalá de Henares, a beautiful city of Madrid. They are a band that works mainly in a local and eventually national scope although with a small radius of action. After a decade and two Lp's on their back which both have received very good reviews, their presence, progression and implementation is not what expected for quite a very original band as they are.

SWOT Research. Internal & external factors to achieve objectives.

SWOT Conclusions

Identifying their Strengths & Weaknesses (both are the internal aspects of this analysis), I realize the fact that even though they can offer an interesting discography and their live shows are quite well received by the public and critics, they have a lack of photo and writing material.

It will be needed to keep this fact in mind and select carefully the material offered by the client in order to not repeat it all along the project, which could offer a poor general aspect.

Regarding their Opportunitis & Threats (external aspects), on the one hand I find the fact that they are currently very active on social networks especially on Facebook and Twitter but also on Instagram but on the other hand the unformal way used on their posts (away from the meaning of the post, the way of writing is more likealike with a user than with a band profile, no tagged text, etc), provoke an amateur image to these profiles.

Action Plan SWOT

1. It will be needed to develop and apply a publication guide in order to improve the quality of their posts.

2. In favor there is the fact that, even though their last album is from 2016, they continue visitying Tv and Radio channels to offer interviews and live shows. Which is a truly interesting material that we can use to program several and interesting posts paying attention on their link building in order to improve their SEO.