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About The Development.

For the development of this project, it has chosen a template that meets the following requirements: Responsive design, Graphic Slider in home, Bootstrap framework, gallery, a good user experience. For sections and areas of the site were well identified, we look for a template on which the icons have a strong graphic presence.

After selecting the template a study of the contents that would form part of the site to create the site structure was made. The aim was that the user experience offered by the template were maintained.

After structuring the contents of the site, the corporate image of the site is defined. Color palette, and icons for each section area, definition of content for galleries of images, fonts.

The site is developed as noted with the Bootstrap Framework, Html / Css3, JavaScript.

About The Project.

Initiative Towards sustAinable Kerosene for Aviation (ITAKA) is a collaborative project framed in the implementation of the European Union policies, implementation of European Industrial Bioenergy Initiative (EIBI) and specifically aims to contribute to the fulfilment of some of the short-term (2015) EU Flight Path objectives, since 2012.

This workshop is organized in close cooperation with the General Office of Innovation and Smart City which belongs to the City Hall of Madrid. This Office supported the organization and logistics to make this workshop a success. A location such as Palacio de Cibeles, Madrid symbol around the world, is a great contribution to this goal, making this event a unique experience.


Branding, Graphic Design, UI/UX, Web Development




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Itaka Final Workshop
Itaka Final Workshop

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