Piedra Gemela

About The Development

The IIC site was built with CMS WordPress, WP Plugins and Bootstrap Framework under a Html/Css3 Technology.

The editing possibilities and WP plugins, along with the modification has been done in the style sheets of the site, allows an approach as closely as possible to the visual aspect and structure that the customer wanted.

All development was based on the designs (in Photoshop format) delivered by the client. This is a site with lots of information (in English and Castilian), divided into up to four levels of navigation.

About The Client

Instituto de Ingeniería del Conocimiento (IIC) is a private R&D+i institution dedicated to extracting knowledge on the basis of high volumes of heterogeneous data (Big Data) and optimizing business processes in areas such as banking, healthcare, social media, energy and talent management in HR.

IIC team is integrated by highly qualified professionals who give a good service to our clients: psychologists, psychometricians, linguists, mathematicians, physicians, information technicians and engineers expert in their areas and specialized in creating Data Analysis models and technologies.

After a 25-year experience on the market, they offer a set of quality tools and also offer customized solutions and services using the most advanced analytical techniques in Big Data and algorithm engineering to turn data from companies into value and thus optimize, redeem and make decision making processes more dynamic.


Branding, Graphic Design, Social Media, UI/UX, Web Development


Piedra Gemela
Piedra Gemela

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