• Web Development

    Web Development

    I make these trips happen thanks to a good chassis built with a base of code and a litle help of some technological innovations.

    From the basic combo Html/Css/Js to frameworks such as Wordpress and Bootstrap, I can manage front-end projects. CMS or tailored projects, I can adapt the technologies and time to an affordable budget.

  • Graphic Design

    Graphic Design

    Everybody knows that if we add elegant, striking and impressive finishes to a good chassis, we will achieve an enviable and attractive transport.

    Graphic Design can be apllied to any aspect, not only to a website but to a brandmark, a book, a poster... I perfectly know how to use commonly known softwares programs or even my own hands to get this work done.

  • UX/UI


    Although if we do not know what this button does, or do not understand the user's manual, we will have to call a specialist to explain it to us. That does not happen in Pasajero Gráfico

    If you want to sell a product and your website is confuse for your user, it will not be ease to sell it. We need to drive the users to our objective and doing this journey easy and understandable for them.

  • Branding


    Once the transport has been developed and manufactured, and just before you can begin to enjoy it, it is time to break a bottle of champagne on its fuselage to baptize.

    I can help you to find your proper trademark in case you are still looking for it. I can give a shape to your brandmark in case you already have one. A good branding work can be the difference between stay in the mind of users/buyers or not.

  • Print Design

    Print Design

    There are several ways to react your destiny, printing is an old fashioned method which is still in use and we can deliver ir for you

    Corporate Identity manuals, posters, books, flyers... Even though digital world is here to stay, we still work and love to work as we worked on the analogic days, producing a work that you can touch, look and even smell.

  • Social Media

    Social Media

    But after all this hard work, it would be a waste of time not to present our new work in society and make it reach every corner of the known world.

    Because it is vital to show an avatar of you on social networks, I know how to get to your known and potential users, how to make them talk about you, your company or your products, etc.